Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green of the Nashville duo Birdcloud are completely fucked up. That said, we hope that they show up to every fucking party we ever throw for as long as we live. They’re bound to say and do things that are inconceivable and all kinds of wrong. They will get loud and stand-offish. They would drive a car into the pool, if we had one, they would get naked and they wouldn’t likely do something that they’d always be remembered for. Odds are the nudity and the car in the pool wouldn’t even rank in the top five most memorable moments of the night, when it comes to what the two members of Birdcloud are capable of.
— Sean Moeller, DAYTROTTER
...Birdcloud has been a blast of refreshingly vulgar air. Alongside the pottymouthed one-liners and high/drunk lonesome harmonies, there’s some deceptively sharp songwriting.
— Steve Harusch, NASHVILLE SCENE
They aim to displease, and that is certainly the charm of this duo who are shaking up the country cutie aesthetic and, more importantly, elevating women’s roles in the highly patriarchal cowboy community. While Carrie Underwood is busy being Fraulein Maria and Lady Antebellum writes yet another song about waiting by the phone at 4 a.m. for a drunk dial, Birdcloud is not afraid of writing about “ice balls” and “commodes,” even if that means being booed on “America’s Got Talent” and being banned from YouTube.
— Selena Fragassi, CHICAGO-SUN TIMES
Green and Kaset apparently aim to offend, but they’re also quite funny — and they have a posse... Birdcloud’s whiskey-and moonshine-fueled dirty little ditties have made converts aplenty.